Strong signals through thin hair


Instead of using drawing as a preparation for a sculpture, I have created independent drawings that don't stem directly from my sculptures. I've been zooming out and actually depict people for the first time. The drawings take up a special point of view, revealing new mutual relationships: They show the vulnerable sides of people, resulting in unexpected perspectives on society.

This project, which includes these new drawings and some sculptures, has been launched at Platform Post in Arnhem from 21st -23rd of April. The publication will not only be available for purchasing during the presentation, but can be pre-ordered by sending an email to

The A5 publication consists of the new drawings and has been completed with a text of Diana Marincu, curator and artistic director of the Art Encounters Biennial. The 48 pages counting publication will be sold for €20 and includes a large (50x65cm) print of one of the original drawings. If you would like to have a copy, please send me a message and we will arrange payment and sending.

Read here the full text of Diana Marincu

Concept Jonathan van Doornum

Text Diana Marincu

A5 paper size

Pages 48

Edition of 150

Including 50x65cm print

Design by Naomi van Doornum.

“So how come we reached this privileged point where suddenly
everything makes sense and we get to see the unseen,
the image which is usually so carefully masked
and hidden from human eyes. Are we unexpectedly
taller than usual? Are we looking from the perspective
of the clouds? Are we already gone, and is this
some sort of reward?”

Diana Marincu – from text in the publication.