Round Transmitter

epoxy clay, pigments, stainless steel, steel, decorative cornices, wood stain, spraypaint, aluminium, plastic tubes and steel springs –2021 – 81x68x30cm

“Round Transmitter” is a small wall mounted sculpture. The sculpture consists of two elements. The back of the work is a disk-like shape covered in blue epoxy clay. It acts as the backdrop for the ornament-like wooden object that hangs in front of it. This handmade element has been carved and sanded into shape. One could describe the aesthetics as pre-modern. The pulsing rhythm of the pattern ends in sharp points which reach out and connect with air. Sharp points are common visual elements in my work. A point at the end of an object is the maximum a material can reach before it merges with air. As such, points do not represent an aggressive or defensive element in the work. The wooden element has the looks of an ancient object that could send and receive invisible information. The sculpture concerns a form of existence between this world and others on one hand, and devices that capture and distribute information between distant places on the other. The whole of the work is a transmitter that is able to send and receive through time and space.