Faithful Folly

600x300x190cm – Aluminum, colored anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts

Commissioned by Lustwarande for Eartheaters 27.08 – 22.10.2023

Jonathan van Doornum presents a mysterious installation in De Oude Warande. A series of aluminum arches create a pathway around a tall mast resembling an antenna. This 'transmission booth' responds to communication technology trends, incorporating ornamentation and aesthetics. Van Doornum envisions his sculpture as an experimental model fusing digital technology and aesthetics to counteract the dehumanizing aspects of the digital revolution. The artwork reflects themes of human interaction and historical connections. Created for EARTHEATERS, "Faithful Folly" highlights the physical infrastructure of digital realms while proposing a retreat for people to withdraw to.

Curated by Chris Driessen & Isabelle Andriessen

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij & Jonathan van Doornum