Art Encounters Biennial

Under the title of Our Other Us, The 2021 edition of the Art Encounters Biennial will focus on the various types of cohabitation that we can project, apprehend and put into practice nowadays, while simultaneously concentrating on the transformations and drifts that influence the act of self-perception, be it individual or collective.

“Jonathan van Doornum’s works conjoin two theoretically incompatible notions: mechanical technology and metamorphosis, the utilitarian assemblage of signals sent and received, of instruction and execution in the former and the biological dynamic of crisis and transformation, environment, and emergence in the latter.

Some of the sculptures brought together here revolve around one of the leitmotifs in his practice – he commonalities, beyond their appearance as circular forms, between halos and antennae, visual indexes of saintliness in religious art, of a mode of existence between this world and others on the one hand, and apparatuses that capture and distribute information between distant places on the other. The works evoke ambiguous processes of transformation via objects that appear as anamorphic to the extent that they occasion distinct, contradictory readings, within different paradigms of interpretation: a technic of the body and a symbiosis of instruments in equal measure.”

Curator Mihnea Mircan

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund

Art Encounters Foundation